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3 Tips to Help You Choose the Best Appleton Workers’ Comp Lawyer

April 10, 2020  

The people of Northeast Wisconsin work hard. Workers here know the value of their labor and they know that, if they get injured on the job, they are entitled to be properly compensated for that injury. However, many times the insurance companies responsible for those injuries find ways to deny claims. That is why when you get injured, you will need help from an experienced Appleton workers’ comp lawyer. But, often, picking the right lawyer can feel like an impossible task.

Before you make that critical choice, check out these tips to help you be certain you are choosing the best workers’ compensation lawyer in Northeast Wisconsin to help you get the compensation you deserve.

1. Find a Local Attorney

Workers’ compensation laws in Wisconsin can be complicated and difficult to navigate. The insurance companies responsible for the claims hire doctors and lawyers to find ways to deny your benefits and medical coverage for on-the-job injuries. That is why you need a quality lawyer in your corner fighting for your rights.

Every lawyer says they are the best, so how do you pick the right attorney to represent you? You want an attorney that limits their practice to representing injured workers and focuses exclusively on workers’ compensation claims. This will give you the best chance of winning your claim.

Also, finding a local workers’ compensation attorney helps. Your attorney should be familiar with the physicians and clinics that treat injured workers where you live and work, as well as have a familiarity with the Administrative Law Judges who will decide the outcome of your claim should it go to hearing. If you are injured in Northeast Wisconsin, you want an experienced local attorney who has handled many local claims. As an added bonus, local attorneys tend to be more responsive and committed to helping workers in their community.

2. Find an Experienced Attorney

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From reviews to accolades, it’s important to find an attorney that does more than just talk the talk. While it is important for your attorney to have positive online reviews, they should also have a proven track record to demonstrate that workers’ compensation is their primary focus and their ability to obtain sizable settlements and award of benefits for their clients. You should feel free to ask for references on the number of claims they have handled and a representation of the results of those claims.

Also, by law, a workers’ compensation attorney must work on a contingency-fee basis. However, they may also charge you for certain costs in addition to attorney fees for prosecuting the claim. You want to know what those costs are and whether they too will be contingent on a successful outcome. When your attorney is willing to work for free unless they win your claim, you can be confident that they are confident in your claim and their ability to get you the most for your claim.

3. Find an Attorney Who Cares

Believe it, they are out there! You should be wary of an attorney that won’t take the time to meet with you or take your calls. If they seem focused solely on a financial reward, they may not know the details of your claim or have your best interests in mind. Your well-being must come first. After all, this is your injury, and the result of the claim is to compensate you for your medical costs, wages, and disability.

Your attorney should always agree to meet with you to discuss the details of your individual claim. They should know your medical history following the injury and get timely information on the status of your treatment. This includes regular contact with you and your doctor about your injury and the treatment plan. This will help shorten the time it will take to resolve your claim and maximize the result for you.

So Who’s the Best Appleton Workers’ Comp Lawyer?

Sam Knows! When it comes to workers’ comp claims, Sam Bomier has led the way in helping injured workers throughout Northeast Wisconsin. For over 30 years, he has limited his law practice to representing injured workers in Wisconsin and getting them the compensation they deserve! You can trust the voice of experience.

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