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Everything You Need to Know When Applying for Workers’ Comp in Appleton, WI

November 16, 2021  

Workers’ compensation is a form of insurance that the majority of employers in Wisconsin are required to carry. This insurance should provide financial benefits should you face an injury while you’re on the job. Workers’ compensation covers everything from repetitive motion injuries, like carpal tunnel, to broken bones from heavy equipment malfunctions, and everything in between.

Applying for benefits can seem simple. If you’re denied, however, seeking the benefits you deserve can become complex quickly. At Sam Bomier Law, LLC, we see cases that deserve compensation receive denials every day. Knowing how to protect your rights can greatly impact your cases at receiving your approval.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know when applying for workers’ comp in Appleton, Wisconsin!

How to Apply for Workers’ Comp

An injured man filling out a workers’ comp application.The first thing you need to know when applying for workers’ comp in Wisconsin is that all you’re required to do at first is report your accident and get the proper medical attention. The most important step in receiving workers’ comp benefits is reporting your injury to your supervisor or boss as soon as you notice it.

Your report should include the date and time, the type of injury, what part of your body was injured, how the injury occurred, and that you are seeking medical attention to treat the injury. This report can be verbal or in writing, though having a paper trail is always a good idea.

After making your report, your employer will give you a list of doctors that you can see to qualify for their workers’ comp insurance policy. Make sure you visit one on the list for now; you can always see your personal doctor later. The doctors provided are approved by the workers’ comp insurance provider and failing to see approved medical attention can lead to a claim denial.

Your boss is then responsible for filing your workers’ comp claim with the state. If your employer fails to file or if the insurance denies your case, you can challenge the denial. Though, it is not recommended to do so on your own.

Reasons for Denials

Workers’ compensation in Wisconsin covers you for injuries that arise while you are at work and carrying out your usual work responsibilities. This covers injuries that happen on the job, on the company-owned property, or under conditions such as traveling to a meeting with a client should be covered. Exceptions to coverage include injuries that occurred while doing something of a strictly private nature, during a fight, or if you are subject to an intentional self-inflicted wound.

Keep Your Records

A man holding his back in pain after lifting heavy boxes at work. After you seek medical attention, it’s important to keep detailed track of your records and treatment. Workers’ comp cases may become complicated, so it’s important to always back up your case. Your attorney will be able to use information like the date, time, cause, circumstances, specifics of the injury, medical bills, physical symptoms, treatment records, and other information to pursue your case or challenge a denial if necessary.

Types of Workers’ Comp Benefits

Workers’ comp benefits in Wisconsin should cover all of your medical bills. It may also cover a portion of your lost wages, often amounting to two-thirds of your average weekly wage. Depending on whether your disability is temporary, permanent, partial, or total, the length of time you are eligible for benefits may vary.

If you believe your case may be worth more than you are receiving, a knowledgeable Wisconsin workers’ comp attorney like Sam Bomier Law, LLC, can look at your case and help you determine your best next steps. Sam knows!

Seeking Help for a Workers’ Comp Denial

A startling number of workers’ compensation cases are unfairly denied every year. If you have been denied, it’s not the end of the road. You need a knowledgeable Wisconsin workers’ comp attorney to challenge the denial and help you get those benefits you need and deserve. Call Sam Bomier Law, LLC, at (920) 404-2050, and get your free case review today. Sam knows!

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