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Wisconsin Minimum Wage Won’t Hit Double Digits Until 2023: Here’s Why You Need to Know Your Rights

March 6, 2020  

Wisconsin Workers’ Comp Lawyers Help Employees Get What They’re Owed

With the cost of living going up every year, workers all around the nation are wondering when they will get a raise to match their increasing expenses. Many other states have made an effort to appease the market, but Wisconsin won’t see the benefits of a higher minimum wage for years. With Governor Evers’ plans to gradually increase wages over the next few years, it’s important to know what your rights are as a worker.

Our Wisconsin workers’ comp lawyers at Sam Bomier Law LLC know how to fight for your rights to get everything you’re owed in the event of a work-related injury. If you’ve been injured while on the job, we may be able to help.

Wisconsin Raising Wages

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Governor Evers has proposed gradually increasing Wisconsin’s minimum wage from its current level of $7.25 to $10.50 an hour by the year 2023, as stated in the Wisconsin Budget Project. Here’s how that would work:

When this proposal is passed, the minimum wage will be raised to $8.25 an hour. It will be raised to $9 at the beginning of 2021, $9.75 in 2022, and finally hitting double digits at $10.50 in 2023.

2024 would ring in a new system wherein the state’s minimum wage is automatically adjusted to accommodate the cost of living.

Additionally, if the budget is passed, a committee will study options to reach a $15 an hour minimum wage and report back to the governor in 2020.

How Wisconsin Workers Would Benefit From a Raise

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Raising the minimum wage to $10.50 would increase the pay of over 400,000 employees in Wisconsin. That’s almost 1 out of 6 workers.

Full-time employees affected by the raise would see an additional $800 a year on their paycheck. That kind of money can make a big difference. That could be a month of groceries or a major car repair.

Seventy-two percent of restaurant and foodservice employees and 48 percent of hotel and accommodation employees would see an increase in their wages. Additionally, more than 110,000 workers in skilled jobs like manufacturing, education, and healthcare would also see a raise.

Sam Bomier Knows How to Protect Your Wages

A rise in wages sounds great and would benefit a lot of people, but we won’t see those benefits for quite some time. You have bills that are due now. You need money now. That’s why it’s important to know what you’re entitled to as a worker.

If you’ve been hurt in a workplace accident, you deserve compensation for your losses regardless of the minimum wage. Even if you were not following proper procedure, you are entitled to workers’ compensation. Our Wisconsin workers’ comp lawyers have been helping injured workers get the compensation they need to get back on their feet for years. We may be able to help you too. Call our office today at 920-486-1525 for a free consultation with a local workers’ compensation lawyer, or fill out our online case evaluation form.

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